• Loss Assessment

  • What is a loss assessor?


    A loss assessor is an expert who is appointed by a policyholder to promote their interests after the latter has incurred damage as a result of fire, water, burglary or other calamities.

    In many cases, an expert at your insurance company determines the damage amount. This expert has ample experience with the claim settlement process and is much more familiar with the policy conditions than you are. This means that you, as a policyholder, are at a major disadvantage.

    If you do not know exactly what you are entitled to, you will find it difficult to verify the work of the insurer’s expert or question his judgement. But as your personal expert we have no such issues. We will actively promote your interests and your interests exclusively, to ensure you get optimum results.

    A loss assessment in case of damage resulting from fire, water or burglary should not be regarded as a second opinion or a retroactive counter-expertise, but rather as assistance and the promotion of your interests from start to finish in the claim settlement process.

    Virtually all fire insurance policies offer policyholders the right to hire a third-party expert. The right to an independent loss assessor is not just a convenient right. It is a necessity. It is an eminent way for policyholders to obtain assistance, support and advice and to optimally leverage policy conditions in case of damage.
    Prevent problems with your insurance company. Hire us as your personal loss adjusters immediately after the damage has occurred!



  • When is a loss assessor required?

    In case of damage, you are always entitled to hire a third-party expert. This should not be regarded as a no-confidence motion against your intermediary or insurance company. It is a right that is included in virtually every insurance policy for homes and companies.

    It is simply your right as a consumer and a right that you should exercise at all times. After all, it is your interests, money and future that are at stake. You have been paying policy fees for years in order to be eligible for damage compensation. Therefore, in case of damage you should demand what you are entitled to.

    A loss assessor will offer the greatest added value if a policyholder hires a third-party expert immediately after the damage has occurred. In this way, the expert will be able to provide professional assistance from the get-go.

    Decisions have to be made during the entire claim settlement process. However, the most important choices have to be made in the beginning.

    This means it is crucial to have a good overview of the available alternatives, their advantages and drawbacks and the potential consequences for the further claims procedure and final payment for damages.

    If a company has incurred the damage, chances are that loss of profit or revenue is involved. In such scenarios, it is particularly crucial to limit this damage where possible and to draw up a plan of action in consultation with a specialist.

    We will appoint a professional team for you that has all the required expertise and focus on achieving fast results. Because your company should resume operations as quickly as possible to safeguard your revenues.

    So make sure you call in the help of a professional expert from the first sign of damage.

    Requesting a loss assessor should not be regarded as a no-confidence motion against your intermediary or insurance agency. It is simply your right as a consumer. In fact, the right to this type of assistance is included in the conditions of your (fire) insurance policy.

    It is only sensible to make use of this right — if you incur damage you should receive what you are entitled to.

    Unfortunately, in many cases insurance companies or their representatives advise against the use of a third party loss assessor. In this way, you are deliberately kept at a disadvantage; your trust is being abused.

    Do not sit and wait until the claim settlement process is bogged down or takes a wrong turn. Do not remain inactive because you have a good feeling your insurance company will handle things just right, or because your insurer or intermediary has advised you to do so. Hire us as quickly as possible!

    Often the most important decisions are made during the first moment after damage has occurred. At that point, the consequences of your choices are usually difficult to assess.

    Based on our knowledge and experience, we can provide you with expert advice. This means you will have full insight into your options and their consequences.

    You always have the right to determine whether you want to hire a loss assessor of your choice to promote your interests in the dealings with your insurance company.

    You do not require permission from your insurer or intermediary to do so. You can freely select your own loss assessment agency. So, don’t just hire the first agency that comes your way, the stakes are way too high for that.

  • What are the costs?


    Most policies also include the condition that the insurer is required to partly or fully compensate the costs of a loss assessor. So you not only have a right to call in a loss consultant, you have even paid for it with your premium! Quality is essential with claims handling. However, it is only natural that costs also play an important role in your decision.

    Many loss assessment agencies offer free-of-charge assessments before the fact. This places strong limits on the time that can be spent on claim settlement proces and has a negative impact on the attention and energy that are spent on your loss claim.

    We do not subscribe to this approach; it is certainly not in your best interest.

    We will gladly provide you with a clear outline of the costs for your specific case. We make clear agreements before we start. This ensures your damage claim is optimally handled and that there is nothing untoward waiting around the corner.



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