We are the most transparent loss assessment agency in the...

We are the most transparent loss assessment agency in the Dutch market. We are the only agency to deliver a comprehensive initial report. This report describes how the claim handling process will proceed, which elements are involved and which agreements have been made.

To us it is extremely important that you have an up-to-date overview of the state of affairs regarding your claim. For this reason, we do everything in consultation with you. We clearly explain all the steps we will take and ensure confirmation of all our agreements. This means you know exactly what to expect and that there will be nothing untoward waiting around the corner. Moreover, our team members are always available to help you with any question or comment you have.

At the end of the claims settlement process, we will invite you to our office to provide you with full insight in to your dossier and the achieved results. We will also explain the further settlement and provide clear and transparent answers to any question you might have.

This briefing also allows us to hear how you have experienced the whole process. We can learn a great deal from this, it allows us to improve our service provision continuously.



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Coolen Expertise has a single interest: your interest. This is central to the way in which we handle your damage claim. If unconventional and creative solutions are required, you can count on us to rise to the occasion.

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