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Independence is a concept that has lost much of its...

Independence is a concept that has lost much of its original lustre. However, this does not imply that independence is not a crucial success factor. Coolen Expertise B.V. is 100% independent.

Make sure to hire an agency that is 100% independent so there is no conflict of interests with your insurance company. Select an agency with a team of highly educated professionals who are able to give the claim settlement proces full and expert attention.

Hiring Coolen Expertise means hiring high-quality assistance. After all, it is your interests, your money and your future that are at stake.

You can count on our full independence. We do not have a single tie with insurance companies or intermediaries. We do not have an appraisal division nor other relations that may result in a conflict of interests. Forget about unclear labels, complex company structures, undisclosed shareholders or other business constructions. We are who we are, and we have nothing to hide. Our loyalty lies entirely with you.

Coolen Expertise does not perform any claim handling for insurance companies. In our view, it is virtually impossible to assess damage objectively if one day the insurer is the principal and one has to oppose the same company the next day for another claim.

Coolen Expertise does not have a claims handling department. This is because appraisals are not only requested by policyholders but also by insurers and their intermediaries. This would also result in a conflict of interests and form a threat to the independent position we cherish.


More than 25 years of succes

Coolen Expertise has a single interest: your interest. This is central to the way in which we handle your damage claim. If unconventional and creative solutions are required, you can count on us to rise to the occasion.

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